Hey there, I'm Brad Thompson! Thanks for taking a look at my body of work.
With over eight years of experience in the games industry, I am a passionate and inventive art director who helps studios and teams create engaging worlds, art, and visual concepts for games. I have a strong background in graphic design, digital art, and user interface design, as well as a keen eye for aesthetics, quality, and consistency.

Most recently, I was the creative vision holder for the Emergents Trading Card Game at InterPop, where I directed external artists to develop over 200 card illustrations, key art, marketing art, and other visual game assets. I also led the world building and IP expansion for The Emergents into the trading card game space, collaborating with narrative designers and stakeholders to develop art briefs and give timely critique for revisions. Additionally, I worked to ensure top quality and consistency with both internal and external teams, and had the final approval for creative marketing visuals. My mission is to create immersive and compelling experiences for players and audiences through art and storytelling.
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